Upcoming Events

Hi All,

I feel like I missed winter (a feeling I hope does not become even more common, ugh), but spring is popping forth now. With spring comes events! I am so happy to be moderating and participating in a really exciting panel at AWP Los Angeles this year: F259 Serial Killers: How to Survive the Series Poem featuring Nicky Beer, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Kathryn Nuernberger & Alexandra Teague. The event will be Friday, April 1st, 3-4:15pm in room 510 of the Los Angeles Convention Center. I am deeply honored to be working with such a remarkable and talented group. Please come out if you can! Oh and I am super proud to announce that one of my students, Charlotte Covey, has an off-site reading for Cactus Heart at Barrel Down Beer Hall in Los Angeles at 7pm April 1st. I will be there for sure to toast her success. Come check out her new work!

Also, I will be reading at the Harpur Palate launch party 6:30-8pm, Friday, May 13th at RiverRead Books in Binghamton, New York. I am so stoked to be in the new issue with my good friends Chelsea Dingman and Jordan Durham. I will also be reading in the Broadkill Review reading series June 29th at the Irish Eyes Restaurant in Milton, Delaware. It will be a blast. I hope many of you can make it out to say hi and hear some new work.

Speaking of new work, my new collegue, Dr. Trisha N. Campbell, has an awesome new article, "I am Josephine Miles: A Digital Reprocessing" up in an e-book called, Provocations: Reconstructing the Archive. You can read it here.

I am looking forward to seeing many of my friends in LA. Safe travels all. I hope your March kicks butt.



News Update & Happy Autumn!

Hi All! Happy fall, or psuedo-fall, as it is unseasonably balmy here. It has been a very exciting six months. I want to start this post with some props to Crazyhorse. I just got the new issue (88) in the mail today and the new layout is gorgeous. It is sleek, accessible and memorable. I'm honored to be a part of the issue (3 poems) with so many incredible writers (Jane Satterfield, Wayne Miller, Eric Pankey, John Gallaher, Jon Pineda, Sarah Gambito, Georg Trakl and many others). This issue is a must-read. You can get one here. UPDATE! My poem "Door of Birds" originally published in Southern Humanities Review is on Verse Daily today!! And my poem "Garage Door" originally published in Valparaiso Poetry Review was Verse Daily's weekly web feature December 7th, 2015!

I have also been lucky enough to have audio of my work put up recently by Drunken Boat, Superstition Review, Word Riot and Sugarhouse Review. Use the links to listen! I hope you enjoy them. I also was lucky enough to have my new manuscript, Nothing like a Ghost, named a finalist for Four Way Books' Larry Levis Prize. Hopefully that is a precursor of good things to come.

I have also been reading and/or teaching some amazing new books by Susan McCarty, Alexandra Teague, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Nicky Beer, Susannah Nevison, Ansel Elkins, Abigail Cloud and Sara Eliza Johnson. I am so stoked for new books coming out soon by Kathryn Nuernberger, Kimberley Grey, Patrick Rosal and Gabrielle Calvocoressi.

Now for my favorite part of every post. Here is what my Salisbury University students have been up to lately:

Kathryn (Katie) Merwin was accepted to, and received scholarship from, the VQR conference. She also had poems accepted by minnesota review, Iron Horse Literary Review, Notre Dame Review, Permafrost, Folio, apt, Blue Earth Review, Slipstream, Booth, Cheat River Review, Blueshift, Dogwood and Sandy River Review. Katie was also the featured artist on Blueshift's website here! UPDATE! Katie's poem, "Heirloom Centenary," (published earlier this year in Jabberwock Review) has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize! Grats, Katie!

Charlotte Covey had poems accepted by Salamander, The MacGuffin, Summerset Review & Mochila Review.

Erin Traylor had poems accepted by Cheat River Review, Cactus Heart & Firefly Magazine.

Katie, Charlotte and Erin also started a new magazine that I am honored to be in the forthcoming inaugural issue of: Milk Journal. I am so proud of them. Please send some of your best work their way.

Idara Idemeko had three poems accepted by Best New African Poets.

Caroline Chavatel had poems accepted by So to Speak & Slipstream.

Lauren Yarnall had a poem accepted by Superstition Review that will also be made into an audio feature.

Caylie Herrmann had two poems accepted by burntdistrict.

Emmanuel Flores had a poem accepted by Fifth Wednesday Journal.

Kyle Shaw had a story accepted by Santa Clara Review.

UPDATE! Jamie Shrewsbury had a story accepted by apt!

UPDATE! Shelby Vane (now at Chatham MFA) is a finalist for Sycamore Review's Wabash Prize in Poetry! Good luck, Shelby!

UPDATE! Alex Thomas had a poem accepted by Red Paint Hill.

Many of our fine students will be applying to MFA programs this year, so if you see Salisbury University, please think quality and give these students full consideration. They will make any programs they end up in very proud. I will likely have more updates soon. Have a great end of 2015, all. You rock.

This Semester Has Been Amazing

Hola All,

I hope spring is treating you well. I wanted to take a moment to update you on the impressive accomplishments of my super-talented students here at Salisbury. I'm already sad to see some of them go and am bracing my self for the 15-16 graduating class' leaving, but I am buoyed by how well I know they will do going forward. I can't wait to follow their budding careers. Here is some of what they have done this semester:

Kathryn Merwin won Mississippi State University's Jabberwock Review's 2015 Nancy D. Hargrove Editors' Prize for Poetry for her poem "Intracoastal, 1995." The magazine also accepted her poem, "Heirloom Centenary." Kathryn's poem, "A Forwarding Address," is forthcoming in burntdistrict and her poems "The Estuary Psalm" & "Benning Ridge Road" are forthcoming in Wayne Literary Review.

Caroline Chavatel's poem "Cryogenics" will appear in the next issue of Crab Creek Review and her poems, "Notes," "Passage," & "To Build a Home on These Stilts," are forthcoming in North Central Review.

Melinda Ruth has been named a new journal reviewer for New Pages! She also has her poem, "Through the Viewmaster," forthcoming in Runestone, her poem, "Regrowth," forthcoming in Red Earth Review and her poems, "Etymology," "This Is How I Write You," & "Step 5," are forthcoming in Broadkill Review.

Erin Traylor's poem "Love Story" appears in the newest issue of Permafrost and her poem, "Jamie Christine in the Tack Room," is forthcoming in Red Earth Review.

Kyle Shaw's story, "Inosculation," is forthcoming in Catfish Creek and his story, "Without a Number," is forthcoming in Sun and Sandstone Review.

Shelby Vane will begin attending Chatham University's MFA program in the fall! Her poem, "Contemporary Omens," is forthcoming in Pif Magazine.

Alex Thomas' poem, "Anatomy of a Hook-Up," will appear in Words Dance, and his poem, "Equinox, Solstice, Equinox" is forthcoming in Green Blotter.

Kristen Beck's poems, "Helo Dunker," "Comforter," and "Incumbent," are forthcoming in Red Earth Review.

Charlotte Covey's poem, "boundless grace," is forthcoming in Night Train.

Danielle Green's poem, "Amber," is forthcoming in Polaris.

I hope I didn't forget anyone. Grats to all the students in Salisbury's creative writing program. I am humbled by your energy, effort and professionalism. It is an honor to work with all of you. I'll have a new post later this summer with some exciting news about my own work. Now off to teach summer one! High fives all.

Some Cool Stuff That's Been Happening

Hi All,

So March has been a really cool month for me. It began with this awesome feature collaboration with artist Meghan Keane at Broadsided. I was also honored to be a part of the poetry and conversation series at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore with Steven Leyva and Rebekah Remington. You can listen to the reading and subsequent wide-ranging discussion here (the March 12th entry). I'm also excited to report that work from Curio will be featured on Delmarva Public Radio (our local NPR) March 27th at 9 am with the work of three of my students: fiction writer Maxi Garte, poet Emmanuel Flores and essayist Tyler Tennant. The show is hosted by the legendary Hal Wilson of Delmarva Review. I will also be posting student accomplishments by semester instead of by year from here on out. Salisbury students are doing amazing things nearly daily. So look for that post in mid May.

I also want to take a second to give a shout out to one of my former students, Jordan Durham. She has had an incredible run as of late with poems recently published or forthcoming in Phoebe, Superstition Review, Painted Bride Quarterly and Indiana Review. So proud! She is also doing an incredible job with Fugue where she is the editor in chief. Kudos, JD!

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for all the interest and support in my projects. Your emails and messages have meant so much. Well, back to work. Happy Spring everyone!

Props to My Amazing Salisbury Students

Hi all! Sorry it has been so long since I posted, but I have been crazy busy (in a good way). I am deep into working on my third full length project and have just started circulating some of those poems, so hopefully that goes well! Today I am really excited to extend congrats to my super-talented students here at Salisbury. Here is a list of their accomplishments this year:

Shelby Vane has eleven poems published or forthcoming in Polaris, The Quaker, Softblow, Summerset Review, Sun & Sandstone Review, Vermillion Literary Project and Word Dance. She also was accepted and received a scholarship for the prestigious Vermont Studio Center writing residency.

Lauren Yarnall's poem, "Spell for Reconstruction," is forthcoming in Harpur Palate and her poem, "L'appel du Vide," is forthcoming in Barely South Review.

Kristen Beck's poem, "Early-Onset Postpartum," appeared in the newest issue of Arcadia and her poem, "Strati," is forthcoming in Lullwater Review.

Emmanuel Flores' poem, "I Asked You to Paint a Portrait of Me, So You Asked Me to Write a Portrait of You," is forthcoming in Cider Press Review.

Melinda Ruth's poem, "Viewmaster: the Highlands," appeared in the newest issue of Summerset Review.

Erin Traylor's poems, "Hopping John," "Love Story," and "Sixteen," are due out in Germ Magazine soon.

Kathryn Merwin's poems, "Cohabitation," "The Lightness," and "Things You Didn't Realize," were recently published in Germ Magazine. Her poem, "Continuum," is forthcoming in Barely South Review and her poems, "Ein Sof" and "An Awakening Song" are forthcoming in Catfish Creek.

Caroline Chavatel's Poems, "Against Wind" & "Splintering," are forthcoming in Potomac Review.

Jessica Michaels' poem, "Just Let Me Break It Down," won second place in the 21st Annual Artists Embassy International's Dancing Poetry Contest.

I know more great things are to come. I am so lucky to be working with such a talented crew!!!