This Semester Has Been Amazing

Hola All,

I hope spring is treating you well. I wanted to take a moment to update you on the impressive accomplishments of my super-talented students here at Salisbury. I'm already sad to see some of them go and am bracing my self for the 15-16 graduating class' leaving, but I am buoyed by how well I know they will do going forward. I can't wait to follow their budding careers. Here is some of what they have done this semester:

Kathryn Merwin won Mississippi State University's Jabberwock Review's 2015 Nancy D. Hargrove Editors' Prize for Poetry for her poem "Intracoastal, 1995." The magazine also accepted her poem, "Heirloom Centenary." Kathryn's poem, "A Forwarding Address," is forthcoming in burntdistrict and her poems "The Estuary Psalm" & "Benning Ridge Road" are forthcoming in Wayne Literary Review.

Caroline Chavatel's poem "Cryogenics" will appear in the next issue of Crab Creek Review and her poems, "Notes," "Passage," & "To Build a Home on These Stilts," are forthcoming in North Central Review.

Melinda Ruth has been named a new journal reviewer for New Pages! She also has her poem, "Through the Viewmaster," forthcoming in Runestone, her poem, "Regrowth," forthcoming in Red Earth Review and her poems, "Etymology," "This Is How I Write You," & "Step 5," are forthcoming in Broadkill Review.

Erin Traylor's poem "Love Story" appears in the newest issue of Permafrost and her poem, "Jamie Christine in the Tack Room," is forthcoming in Red Earth Review.

Kyle Shaw's story, "Inosculation," is forthcoming in Catfish Creek and his story, "Without a Number," is forthcoming in Sun and Sandstone Review.

Shelby Vane will begin attending Chatham University's MFA program in the fall! Her poem, "Contemporary Omens," is forthcoming in Pif Magazine.

Alex Thomas' poem, "Anatomy of a Hook-Up," will appear in Words Dance, and his poem, "Equinox, Solstice, Equinox" is forthcoming in Green Blotter.

Kristen Beck's poems, "Helo Dunker," "Comforter," and "Incumbent," are forthcoming in Red Earth Review.

Charlotte Covey's poem, "boundless grace," is forthcoming in Night Train.

Danielle Green's poem, "Amber," is forthcoming in Polaris.

I hope I didn't forget anyone. Grats to all the students in Salisbury's creative writing program. I am humbled by your energy, effort and professionalism. It is an honor to work with all of you. I'll have a new post later this summer with some exciting news about my own work. Now off to teach summer one! High fives all.