Props to My Amazing Salisbury Students

Hi all! Sorry it has been so long since I posted, but I have been crazy busy (in a good way). I am deep into working on my third full length project and have just started circulating some of those poems, so hopefully that goes well! Today I am really excited to extend congrats to my super-talented students here at Salisbury. Here is a list of their accomplishments this year:

Shelby Vane has eleven poems published or forthcoming in Polaris, The Quaker, Softblow, Summerset Review, Sun & Sandstone Review, Vermillion Literary Project and Word Dance. She also was accepted and received a scholarship for the prestigious Vermont Studio Center writing residency.

Lauren Yarnall's poem, "Spell for Reconstruction," is forthcoming in Harpur Palate and her poem, "L'appel du Vide," is forthcoming in Barely South Review.

Kristen Beck's poem, "Early-Onset Postpartum," appeared in the newest issue of Arcadia and her poem, "Strati," is forthcoming in Lullwater Review.

Emmanuel Flores' poem, "I Asked You to Paint a Portrait of Me, So You Asked Me to Write a Portrait of You," is forthcoming in Cider Press Review.

Melinda Ruth's poem, "Viewmaster: the Highlands," appeared in the newest issue of Summerset Review.

Erin Traylor's poems, "Hopping John," "Love Story," and "Sixteen," are due out in Germ Magazine soon.

Kathryn Merwin's poems, "Cohabitation," "The Lightness," and "Things You Didn't Realize," were recently published in Germ Magazine. Her poem, "Continuum," is forthcoming in Barely South Review and her poems, "Ein Sof" and "An Awakening Song" are forthcoming in Catfish Creek.

Caroline Chavatel's Poems, "Against Wind" & "Splintering," are forthcoming in Potomac Review.

Jessica Michaels' poem, "Just Let Me Break It Down," won second place in the 21st Annual Artists Embassy International's Dancing Poetry Contest.

I know more great things are to come. I am so lucky to be working with such a talented crew!!!