Big Spring 2019 Updates!

Hola Folkarinos,

First, I am very happy to announce that Emma DePanise has won a 2019 AWP Intro Journal Award for her poem, “This Motion, These Whispers.” It will be published by Quarterly West. Her poem, “Elegy for a White Noise Machine” was also an honorable mention. Grats, Emma! You are a rockstar.

Second, I am very grateful to 32 Poems and Katie Schmid for this lovely article about my poem “Notes to a Prospective Runaway at Bedtime.” I was also lucky to be able to write a small piece about Hailey Leithauser’s amazing poem, “I’ve Been Busy.”

Third, I am honored to have three poems featured in Pank’s Latinx:Latinidad Folio. It is so cool to be in the conversation with so many badass Latinx writers.

Fourth, I am very happy to announce the first issue of The Shore Poetry (a new literary magazine I co-founded with Caroline Chavatel and Emma DePanise) will be go live today. Here is a link! I really hope you all dig!!

Lastly, HAPPY SPRING! I am so stoked to see many of you at AWP Portland next week.

High Fives,