Winter Update & Happy 2018!

Hi All,

I'd like to start by thanking everyone who has helped carve out space to work diligently on my ambitious new project. I hope to start rolling out poems from it in the next few months as revisions are finalized. Second, I'd like to thank the amazing folks at Beloit Poetry Journal for naming me a semifinalist for the Adrienne Rich Prize. It is truly an honor to be counted in such a fine group. I'd also like to thank American Literary Review, Laurel Review and Connotation Press for recently publishing my work. Enough about me though. Time for some student accomplishments!

Miranda Ardis had a poem accepted by Roanoke Review. It will also be made into a broadside.
Caroline Chavatel had poems accepted by AGNI, minnesota review, Nimrod, Superstition Review, Salamander, Thrush and Waccamaw. She also co-founded Madhouse Chapbook Press and was featured in an interview segment on the Sonora Review website. Grats, Caroline!
Charlotte Covey had poems accepted by Blue Earth Review, december, The Fourth River, Laurel Review, McNeese Review, Potomac Review, Rust + Moth and SLAB. She also received Pushcart nominations from Big Muddy and Hawai'i Pacific Review. Grats, Charlotte!
Emma DePanise had poems accepted by Asterism, Little Patuxent Review, Mochila Review and Runestone. She was also asked to read at the Little Patuxent Review issue launch.
Jordan Durham had poems accepted by blackbird, Blood Orange Review and Quarterly West.
Taylor Fedorchak had a poem accepted by Third Wednesday.
Caylie Herrmann had poems accepted by Noble/Gas Quarterly and Rust and Moth.
Molly Likovich had poems accepted by Circle Show and New Mexico Review.
Katherine Michalik had poems accepted by Asterism.
Megan Newcomer had essays accepted by Santa Clara Review and a poem accepted by Mochila Review.
Dylan Nutter had a poem accepted by The Pinch.
Jacob Rayner had a poem accepted by Coe Review.
Melinda Ruth had poems accepted by Sierra Nevada Review.
Renae Tucker had a poem accepted by Arkana.
Terin Weinberg had poems accepted by Dark River Review, Little Patuxent Review, New Southerner, Sink Hollow and Waccamaw. She was also invited to read at the Little Patuxent Review launch party.
Lauren Yarnall had poems accepted by Noble/Gas Quarterly, Puerto del Sol, Queen Mab's Teahouse and Sugar House Review. She was also nominated for a Pushcart by Permafrost. Grats, Lauren!

I will continue to update this until the Spring semester starts. Stay warm and happy everyone. I wish you the best possible 2018!


Spring/Summer 17 Update (Long Overdue)

Hi All!

Sorry it has been so long--I was teleported into super-busy land. There is so much to catch up on! First, I'd like to thank the following magazines that have published my work since our last communique: Alaska Quarterly Review, Copper Nickel, Poetry Northwest, Greensboro Review, Sugar House Review, Tupelo Quarterly, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Grist, Cherry Tree, The Collagist, Cider Press Review, Redactions, Contrary, Hawai'i Review, Natural Bridge, Nimrod & Waccamaw. I'd also like to thank the crew at The Collagist for the cool teaching suggestions to go with my poem! I'm honored to have shared pages with so many amazing writers this year including some of my own rockin' students (past & present). I will give a huge update as to what my students have been up to below. It is mind blowing. But first, I would like to thank the amazing Katherine Zlabek for an extraordinary year of working together. I am a fan of KZ for life. I would also like to welcome, Ryan Habermeyer to our creative writing faculty at Salisbury. His work is startling and engrossing. I look forward to getting to know him and working with him to help students achieve even more! Welcome, Ryan!

Ok, first order of business, I would like to congratulate the following students on their new grad school homes! I am sure they will do amazing things with their new opportunities:

Caylie Herrmann: Eastern Washington University
Kate Keeney: Ohio University
Garrett Lewis: Wilmington University
Mary McKernan: Miami University of Ohio
Dylan Nutter: University of South Carolina
Bria Pleasant: Loyola University of Maryland
Jacob Rayner: University of Memphis
Jamie Shrewsbury: University of Northern Arizona

I'd also like to mention a few major student accomplishments before wee get to the publication list. Check out what they have been doing:

Caroline Chavatel was a finalist for the Greg Grummer Prize for Poetry and is the new Assistant Poetry Editor for Puerto del Sol.
Charlotte Covey read for the Big Muddy series in St. Louis, MO.
Taylor Fedorchak read for Pittsburgh Poetry Review at AWP17 in DC.
Ella Flores won a Michigan Future Faculty Award.
Molly Likovich was an honorable mention for both the AWP Intro Journal Award in Poetry and the Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers.
Kathryn Merwin was a finalist for the Black Lawrence Chapbook Prize and will be the new Poetry Editor for Bellingham Review.
Caitlin Palmer is the new Fiction Editor for Fugue.
Katelyn Steagall was Second Place in the Polaris Fiction Contest.
Terin Weinberg did a poetry reading at NCUR 31 in Memphis, TN.
Lauren Yarnall is the new Managing Editor for Fugue.

Wowza! And now for the student publications:

Brandi Bolt had poems accpeted by OVS & Steel Toe Review.
Caroline Chavatel had poem accepted by Epoch, Hayden's Ferry Review, Sonora Review & Phoebe.
Charlotte Covey had poems accepted by Calyx, Sonora Review, Permafrost, Hawai'i Pacific Review, Third Wednesday, Big Muddy & The Boiler. She also had an essay accepted by Steel Toe Review.
Z'Monii Davis had poems accepted by Germ Magazine.
Emma DePanise had poems accepted by Route 7 Review.
Alyssa Dietrich had a poem accepted by Germ Magazine.
Taylor Fedorchak had poems accepted by Red Earth Review & Glass.
Ella Flores had poems accepted by Puerto del Sol & Foothills.
Caylie Herrmann had poems accepted by minnesota review & Pittsburgh Poetry Review.
Kate (K.S.) Keeney had poems accepted by Route 7 Review, The Tishman Review & The Quaker.
Grace McCarter had a story accepted by Route 7 Review.
Kathryn Merwin had poems accepted by Crab Orchard Review, Redactions, Cider Press Review, Sakura Review, Natural Bridge, Lunch Ticket, Big Muddy, Zocalo Public Square, Carve & Gravel.
Katie Michalik had poems accepted by Sink Hollow & Germ Magazine.
Erika Parker had poems accepted by Germ Magazine & Asterism.
Melinda Ruth had poems accepted by Big Muddy.
Jamie Shrewbury had a poem accepted by Natural Bridge.
Katelyn Steagall had a story accepted by Polaris.
Nancy Talbott had a story accepted by Hawai'i Review.
Alex Thomas had poems accepted by Cimarron Review & Roanoke Review.
Riley Ward had a poem accepted by Sierra Nevada Review.
Annie Warner had a poem accepted by Mochila Review. It will also be an audio feature.
Terin Weinberg had a poem accepted by Red Earth Review.
Lauren Yarnall had a poem accepted by Spillway Magazine.

I'm so excited for their work to be out in the world and am proud and humbled to get to be surrounded by such talent. I can't wait to see what they do next!

'Til next time, take care of yourself and each other,

Fall 2016 Update

Hi All!

Fall semester has been great so far. I'm very happy to have my work recently appear in The Literary Review, Carolina Quarterly, Permafrost, Louisville Review, Hawai'i Pacific Review, Radar Poetry and Sakura Review. Thank you to all the editors who showed faith in me. I'm also very proud to announce the amazing accomplishments of my students:

Kathryn Merwin won the Blue Earth Review poetry prize and also has a poems forthcoming in blackbird and Prairie Schooner! Grats, Katie!

Molly Likovich has poems forthcoming in Columbia College Literary Review, Bluestem, Rust & Moth, Jenny Magazine and Red Paint Hill. She also has a story forthcoming in New Mexico Review.

Caroline Chavatel has her prize-winning poem forthcoming in Cossack Review and poems forthcoming in Gulf Coast, Fugue and Sugarhouse Review.

E. Flores had a poem chosen as runner-up for the Fifth Wednesday Journal editor's prize.

Charlotte Covey has poems forthcoming in minnesota review, Emerson Review, Cider Press Review, BluestemDoctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, Monarch Review and New Mexico Review.

Kyle Shaw was awarded a prestigious internship with Copper Canyon Press.

Jordan Durham was a finalist for prizes in Grist and Arcadia and has poems forthcoming with both.

Taylor Fedorchak had poems accepted by Arkana, Pittsburgh Poetry ReviewOVS Magazine and The Quaker.

Lauren Yarnall has two poems forthcoming in Permafrost.

Miranda Haney has a story forthcoming in Kentucky Review and a poem forthcoming in Slipstream.

Caylie Herrmann has poems forthcoming in Driftwood and Third Wednesday.

Jamie Shrewsbury has a poem in the new decomP and a story forthcoming in Passages North.

Alex Thomas has a poem forthcoming in Kentucky Review.

Dylan Nutter has a poem forthcoming in Catfish Creek.

Megan Newcomer has a hybrid essay forthcoming with Steel Toe Review.

Renae Tucker has a personal essay forthcoming in Steel Toe Review.

Riley Ward has a poem forthcoming in OVS Magazine.

Annie Warner was a Semi-Finalist for StoryQuarterly's Annual Fiction Prize and has a story forthcoming with New Mexico Review.

Jacob Rayner has poems forthcoming in New Mexico Review.

Noor Shahzad has poems forthcoming in Tinderbox Poetry Journal.

KS (Kate) Keeney has poems forthcoming in Roanoake Review and Germ Magazine.

Terin Weinberg has a poem forthcoming in Barely South Review.

I am so proud of all of them!

Chelsea Dingman's Thaw to Be Published by University of Georgia Press!

My dear friend of many years and one of my favorite poets anywhere ever, Chelsea Dingman, was one of the winners of this year's of the prestigious National Poetry Series. Her first book, Thaw, will be published by University of Georgia Press. I know this book well and I mean this with no hyperbole, it is glorious, moving, gripping and essential. Please read it. You will be better for it as a person and a writer. Also, to Chelsea personally: you are one of the finest human beings I know. I am so happy for you and you so deeply deserve this. Also, shout out to your amazing family. I know they are proud.

Chavatel Wins First Annual October Prize for Poetry!

Salisbury University creative writing graduate and all around amazing person, Caroline Chavatel, has won the first annual October Prize for Poetry from the Cossack Review. The winning poem, "The Given, These Bodies," will appear in issue 7. She will be bringing her talents to New Mexico State University's MFA program this fall. I'm sure she will do amazing things there. Grats, Caroline!!!