Fall 2016 Update

Hi All!

Fall semester has been great so far. I'm very happy to have my work recently appear in The Literary Review, Carolina Quarterly, Permafrost, Louisville Review, Hawai'i Pacific Review, Radar Poetry and Sakura Review. Thank you to all the editors who showed faith in me. I'm also very proud to announce the amazing accomplishments of my students:

Kathryn Merwin won the Blue Earth Review poetry prize and also has a poems forthcoming in blackbird and Prairie Schooner! Grats, Katie!

Molly Likovich has poems forthcoming in Columbia College Literary Review, Bluestem, Rust & Moth, Jenny Magazine and Red Paint Hill. She also has a story forthcoming in New Mexico Review.

Caroline Chavatel has her prize-winning poem forthcoming in Cossack Review and poems forthcoming in Gulf Coast, Fugue and Sugarhouse Review.

E. Flores had a poem chosen as runner-up for the Fifth Wednesday Journal editor's prize.

Charlotte Covey has poems forthcoming in minnesota review, Emerson Review, Cider Press Review, BluestemDoctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, Monarch Review and New Mexico Review.

Kyle Shaw was awarded a prestigious internship with Copper Canyon Press.

Jordan Durham was a finalist for prizes in Grist and Arcadia and has poems forthcoming with both.

Taylor Fedorchak had poems accepted by Arkana, Pittsburgh Poetry ReviewOVS Magazine and The Quaker.

Lauren Yarnall has two poems forthcoming in Permafrost.

Miranda Haney has a story forthcoming in Kentucky Review and a poem forthcoming in Slipstream.

Caylie Herrmann has poems forthcoming in Driftwood and Third Wednesday.

Jamie Shrewsbury has a poem in the new decomP and a story forthcoming in Passages North.

Alex Thomas has a poem forthcoming in Kentucky Review.

Dylan Nutter has a poem forthcoming in Catfish Creek.

Megan Newcomer has a hybrid essay forthcoming with Steel Toe Review.

Renae Tucker has a personal essay forthcoming in Steel Toe Review.

Riley Ward has a poem forthcoming in OVS Magazine.

Annie Warner was a Semi-Finalist for StoryQuarterly's Annual Fiction Prize and has a story forthcoming with New Mexico Review.

Jacob Rayner has poems forthcoming in New Mexico Review.

Noor Shahzad has poems forthcoming in Tinderbox Poetry Journal.

KS (Kate) Keeney has poems forthcoming in Roanoake Review and Germ Magazine.

Terin Weinberg has a poem forthcoming in Barely South Review.

I am so proud of all of them!

Chelsea Dingman's Thaw to Be Published by University of Georgia Press!

My dear friend of many years and one of my favorite poets anywhere ever, Chelsea Dingman, was one of the winners of this year's of the prestigious National Poetry Series. Her first book, Thaw, will be published by University of Georgia Press. I know this book well and I mean this with no hyperbole, it is glorious, moving, gripping and essential. Please read it. You will be better for it as a person and a writer. Also, to Chelsea personally: you are one of the finest human beings I know. I am so happy for you and you so deeply deserve this. Also, shout out to your amazing family. I know they are proud.

Chavatel Wins First Annual October Prize for Poetry!

Salisbury University creative writing graduate and all around amazing person, Caroline Chavatel, has won the first annual October Prize for Poetry from the Cossack Review. The winning poem, "The Given, These Bodies," will appear in issue 7. She will be bringing her talents to New Mexico State University's MFA program this fall. I'm sure she will do amazing things there. Grats, Caroline!!!

Here Comes KZ!

Hola Folkarinos,

I have never been very good at navigating the odd space between simultaneous joy and sadness. I have heard the word "bittersweet" used. For my money, taste is the wrong sense here. Instead, it is more like hearing a really great anthemic heartbreaker, learning the words, being both stoked to sing it and hit by its meaning. But figurative language aside, I find my self both saddened and overjoyed now. I am deeply sad that my partner in crime and contemporary compatriot here, Susan McCarty, is taking her remarkable talents to Michigan to be closer to her husband, a writer I also deeply admire, Matthew Kirkpatrick. I am also happy there will no longer be distance between them. They rock. On a personal note, I will miss you two. Actively.

I am also supermegacrazy excited to announce my new fiction counterpart at SU will be Katherine Zlabek. I do not believe it would be any kind of overstatement to call her a badass. She is an AWP Intro Journal Prize winner for fiction, she has a haunting chapbook out from Ricochet Editions. She has a PhD from Cincy (U of Cincinnati) and an MFA from Kalamazoo (WMU). She has worked on Cincinnati Review and Third Coast. She has taught a wide range of fiction and creative writing courses. Her intellect is sharp. Her pen is subtle and spiky, Her personality is welcoming and engaging. I know our students will be lucky to have her in their corner and will learn tons from her! So, welcome Katherine. I'm beyond stoked you are joining me. I know we will do great things. I can't wait until fall semester.

Katherine will have a feature reading at SU on October 5th at 8:00pm in the Worcester Room in the Commons. It will be free and open to the public. Come check her out!

More Soon,


Spring Semester Roundup

Hi All!,

It is a wet and wild spring so far. I want to thank everyone who I got to see/hangout with at AWP LA, it was a blast. I also want to thank these amazing magazines whose new issues my work appears in: Cincinnati Review, Pleiades, Missouri Review Online, Passages North, Harpur Palate, Hunger Mountain, Quiddity and Milk Journal. I am so honored to share pages with so many fine authors I know and admire. Enough about me, time for everyone's favorite section: students news!

First a huge shout out to Jordan Durham, the remarkable poet and editor-in-chief of Fugue, who I was l lucky enough to teach at U of Missouri for graduating from U of Idaho's badass program with her MFA! You go, JD! Big things in her future for sure (I also got to be in the new Harpur Palate--led by the amazing Sri and Carolyn--with Jordan, and my friends Chelsea Dingman and Laura Donnelly)!

So let's do MFA news first (all starting fall 16), then pubs:

Caroline Chavatel (poetry) will be joining the fine folks at New Mexico State University, home of Puerto del Sol and Noemi Press, for her MFA studies.

Charlotte Covey (poetry) will attend University of Missouri-St. Louis (so close to my Alma Mater!) where she will have the opportunity to work on Natural Bridge.

Emmanuel Flores (poetry) is heading to the great white north to do his MFA at Northern Michigan University in the UP and work on Passages North.

Kathryn Merwin (poetry) will be working on her MFA at Western Washington University in beautiful Bellingham. There she will be working on Bellingham Review.

Caitlin Palmer (fiction) and Lauren Yarnall (poetry) will be joining the amazing MFA crew at University of Idaho and will dedicate themselves to Fugue in the near future.

On the MA front, Miranda Ardis (poetry and fiction) will be pursuing her graduate career here at Salisbury University in Rhetoric and Composition.

Now publications since January (chronological):

Riley Ward had poems accepted by burntdistrict and Slipstream (we will have, by total chance, six Salisbury students in their new issue)!

Charlotte Covey had poems accepted by The Normal School, SLAB, Slipstream, Red Earth Review, Cactus Heart, Route 7 Review, Polaris, 30N and Runestone.

Alex Thomas has a poem forth coming in Slipstream and a new book review up on Pank!

Darby Joyce had a story accepted by Polaris and an essay taken by Germ Magazine.

Melinda Ruth had a book review in the new issue of Pleiades.

Danielle Green had a poem taken by Door Is a Jar.

Shelby Vane had two poems taken by Columbia: a Journal of Literature and Art!!

Jesse W. McDaniel had a poem accepted by Sun and Sandstone.

Kathryn Merwin had poems taken by Emerson Review, Sugar House Review, Hawai'i Pacific Review and So to Speak.

Taylor Fedorchak had poems accepted by decomP and Polaris.

Shekinah Hollingsworth had a story accepted by Allegheny Review.

Molly Likovich had a poem taken by Germ Magazine.

Renae Tucker had a story accepted by Sun and Sandstone.

Grace McCarver had a story accepted by Allegheny Review.

Miranda Ardis had a story taken by Sun and Sandstone.

Lauren Yarnall had two poems taken by Slipstream.

Tyler Tennant had a creative nonfiction essay taken by The Quaker.

I am so proud of all of your accomplishments. I can't wait to see what happens next. I am also really glad it is farmers' market season again. Winter and fall are my favorite seasons, but summer makes the best produce. Stoked to do some real cooking and serious writing. Until next post, have a rockin' one everyone! There will be a short addendum to this post in a few weeks when certain newsy tidbits become public. Stay tuned:).

UPDATE #1: My longtime friend and one of my favorite writers, Chelsea Dingman, has won the Southeast Review Poetry Prize for her amazing poem, "The Girl in the River"! Attaway to be, Chels! You rock.

UPDATE #2: My dear friend, EG Cunningham's chapbook Apologetics has been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press. It is gorgeous. Please pick it up as soon as it drops. Grats, EG. Well deserved.